Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service

   Moving into or out of an apartment, home or office?
   It's stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning!
   Why not let us help?

   Here are the services that we can offer you:

   General Cleanup
• High & low dusting in all rooms
   Spot-clean walls, woodwork and moldings
   Vacuum carpets, rugs and hall-runners
   Sweep and damp-mop all floors including hardwood floors
   Sweep and damp-mop kitchen and bathroom tile/linoleum
   Clean the entire bathroom: shower, fixtures, toilet, medicine
     chest, light, floor and ceiling
   Clean the entire kitchen: all appliances, oven and
     range/burner tops, refrigerator interior and exterior, kitchen
     cabinets inside and outside
   Clean fixtures: spot-clean fingerprints and remove black
     marks from walls, switches and door moldings
   Clean fireplace, dust and clean equipment

   Wash Windows
  Both sides 
   Clean Venetian Blinds
   Take down, clean and re-hang 

   Clean Mini-blinds
   Pressure wash/power wash building exteriors,
     sidewalks, stairs, patios, garage floors, etc.


   Strip, Seal, Recoat and Wax Tile and Linoleum Floors
   Seal Hardwood Floors
Use rotary floor machine with sanding disk and apply
     two coats of  water-based polyurethane wood floor finish

   Please call for a free consultation and estimate.
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